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dobri pavlov dobrev the defense of perushtitsa

Dobri Pavlov Dobrev: Artist and Teacher

Dobri Pavlov Dobrev (BG: Добри Павлов Добрев) was an influential Bulgarian artist and teacher. Early Life and Education of Dobri Pavlov Dobrev Dobri Pavlov Dobrev was...
sava filaretov

Sava Filaretov: Teacher and Reformer

Sava Filaretov (25 October 1825 - 13 November 1863), birth name Sava Valchev, was a Bulgarian teacher, activist and educational reformer. His birthplace is now the...

Plamen Oresharski

Plamen Vasilev Oresharski (BG: Пламен Василев Орешарски) became the 48th Prime Minister of Bulgaria on 29 May 2013.

Patriarch Neofit

Patriarch Neofit (BG: Патриарх Неофит) is the third man to serve as Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox church since the restoration of the office in 1953.

Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria

Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria (1914-2012) led the Bulgarian Orthodox Church for over 40 years, through times of great challenge and change for both his flock and the Bulgarian state.

Yordan Yovchev

Yordan Yovchev Yovchev (BG: Йордан Йовчев Йовчев) is a Bulgarian gymnast, former World Champion, and six time Olympian holding the all-time gymnastics record for Olympic appearances.

Petko Petkov

Petko Dimitrov Petkov was a politician, member of the Bulgarian diplomatic corps, a Member of Parliament, and Director of the Political department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Simeon Djankov

Simeon Djankov is a Bulgarian economist from Lovech, Bulgaria.

Margarita Popova Biography

A short biography of Margarita Popova, former Justice Minister and now Vice President elect of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Rosen Plevneliev Biography

A short biography of Rosen Plevneliev, President-elect of the Republic of Bulgaria.