Everything there is to know about Bulgarian history.
yordan mitrev

Yordan Mitrev: Forester and Teacher

Yordan Mitrev (BG: Йордан Митрев) (1866-1931) was a Bulgarian Forester and founder of the Hisar Laka Forest Park in Kyustendil. Early Life and Education of...
valya balkanska

Valya Balkanska

Valya Balkanska (BG: Валя Балканска) is a Bulgarian folk singer from Smolyan Province, Bulgaria. She became a worldwide sensation when her recording of Излел...
gospodin dimov bachvarov

Gospodin Dimov Bachvarov

Gospodin Dimov Bachvarov (1835-1897) (BG:Господин Димов Бъчваров) was a teacher, patriot, and social activist. Known to locals as Daskal Bunyo, he was a beloved...
zahari stoyanov portrait

Zahari Stoyanov: Politician and Chronicler

Zahari Stoyanov (BG: Захари Стоянов) (1850-1889) was a Bulgarian revolutionary, writer, political activist, and chronicler of the Bulgarian War of Liberation. Birth and Childhood of...
dobri pavlov dobrev the defense of perushtitsa

Dobri Pavlov Dobrev: Artist and Teacher

Dobri Pavlov Dobrev (BG: Добри Павлов Добрев) was an influential Bulgarian artist and teacher. Early Life and Education of Dobri Pavlov Dobrev Dobri Pavlov Dobrev was...
sava filaretov

Sava Filaretov: Teacher and Reformer

Sava Filaretov (25 October 1825 - 13 November 1863), birth name Sava Valchev, was a Bulgarian teacher, activist and educational reformer. His birthplace is now the...

Bulgaria Past & Present

Bulgaria Past & Present is a collection of scholarly essays comprising the Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Bulgarian Studies, held in Varna, Bulgaria, from 13-17 June 1978.

The Oresharski Cabinet

On Wednesday, 29 May, the Bulgarian Parliament elected a “government of experts” proposed by the Bulgarian Socialist Party, with Plamen Oresharski as Prime Minister.

Plamen Oresharski

Plamen Vasilev Oresharski (BG: Пламен Василев Орешарски) became the 48th Prime Minister of Bulgaria on 29 May 2013.

Patriarch Neofit

Patriarch Neofit (BG: Патриарх Неофит) is the third man to serve as Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox church since the restoration of the office in 1953.