Information about miscellaneous categories of Bulgarian things.

Treaty of San Stefano (word cloud)

The Treaty of San Stefano marked the end of the Russo-Turkish War. Bulgarians celebrate 3 March as their liberation day from 500 years of Ottoman oppression.

Spotted! No 10 Cervantes Institute Ad

Here the number 10 tram sports an advertisement for the Cervantes Institute in Sofia.

Spotted! No 7 Domaine Boyar Ad

The number 7 tram rumbling down Boulevard Bulgaria clad in an advertisement for Domaine Boyar wines.

Balkanfila 2010

The 15th International Philatelic Exhibition, BALKANFILA, will take place at the International Fairgrounds in Plovdiv from 28-31 October.

World War I Postal Cover

A Bulgarian postal cover from World War I, postmarked at Bucharest on 13 September 1918.

1986 Halley’s Comet Souvenir Sheet

Bulgaria was one of over 100 countries to issue stamps commemorating the return of Halley's Comet in 1986. They issued a four stamp set as a souvenir sheet, with each stamp denominated 25 stotinki.

Kamenitza — Giants Know Why!

Kamenitza created a clever on site beer advertisement by turning a sculpture outside the National Stadium into a couple of giant sized bottle openers.

In the Know : Whither the Euro?

Euro adoption in Bulgaria is a question of when, not if. Timing is linked to meeting five convergence criteria concerning local economic progress.

Graffiti Around Sofia

Here are some current graffiti examples from the centre of Sofia, near the national stadium.

Tramspotting in Sofia

Trams are an easy and practical way to get around the city. Help us collect pictures of different tram lines, especially new and interesting ads.