Thursday, September 20, 2018


Everything there is to know about the land, topography, buildings, parks and trails in Bulgaria.


Atolovo is a village in southeastern Bulgaria, established in 1926 as a home for Bulgarian refugees from Greek Macedonia and Eastern Thrace.

Vidin Picture Gallery

A collection of pictures from around Vidin, mostly buildings, monuments, churches.

The Yellow Brick Road in Sofia

Prince Ferdinand received a wedding present of yellow pavers to modernize Sofia and make it more like the grand European capitals.

Bulgarian Wildflowers

For mental warmth during cold winter months, wildflowers in a field outside Pernik.

Then and Now: Ivan Vazov National Theatre

The Ivan Vazov National Theatre is one of the truly distinguished Sofia buildings of the early 20th century.

The New Church at Philippopolis

An article announcing the newly completed Congregational Church in today's Plovdiv (Philippopolis), Bulgaria, with greetings and comments from Rev. George Marsh

Pautalia Roman Baths

The Pautalia Roman Baths are one of the most significant Roman monuments remaining in Bulgaria. The baths were part of a healing center called an asklepeion.

Pirkova Tower

Pirkova Tower, in the city of Kyustendil, is a medieval defensive tower dating from the late 14th or early 15th century.

The Writers’ Cafe

One of the most popular establishments in Sofia during the 1930s was the Writers' Café, at the corner of Rakovski and Osvoboditel Boulevards, next to the Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church.

Bansko Winter Fiesta

Recently named "Winter Capital of the Balkans," Bansko will officially open the ski season on 11 December. The town has a full program planned for the weekend.