boyko_borisov-120x160In a stunning electoral success, the GERB party won 116 seats in the recent parliamentary elections, earning the right to form the next government for Bulgaria.  Appearing before Parliament on July 27, 2009, incoming Prime Minister Boyko Borisov outlined the goals of his proposed government.  He identified seven priorities:

  1. Economic Development and Reform, especially increasing personal income and stimulating economic growth.
  2. Fighting corruption and crime and protecting the rule of law.
  3. Reforming the judicial system.
  4. Restoring trust in Bulgaria among EU members, with the hope of  restoring blocked EU funds which are important for Bulgaria’s economic recovery.
  5. Improving living conditions for Bulgarians, including social services, health care, and sports.
  6. Developing Bulgaria’s human capital through top quality education.
  7. Working with NATO and the EU to develop stability in the region and the world, focusing mainly on the Balkans and the Black Sea region.

parliament-building-480x360To accomplish these goals, Borisov took the unusual route of declaring a minority government without coalition partners.  He promised that the GERB party stands ready to work in partnership with other groups, while at the same time presented uncompromising determination to advance the center-right direction of his policies for the good of the nation.

What do you think of Borisov and the priorities of the new government?