In the Know

In the Know
Useful information about Bulgaria.

In the Know (September 2009)

The Slovakian discount airline SkyEurope officially canceled all flights due to financial insolvency as of 1 September.

In the Know (August 2009)

Appearing before Parliament on July 27, 2009, incoming Prime Minister Boyko Borisov outlined the goals of his proposed government. He identified seven priorities...

In The Know (July 2009)

Bulgarians returned to the polls on Sunday, July 5, for parliamentary elections to the 41st Bulgarian National Assembly.

In the Know (May 2009)

Bulgaria will propose "The Valley of the Thracian Kings" as an addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List. International institutions continue to weigh in on the relative strength or weakness of the Bulgarian economy.

In the Know (May 2008)

Costs are rising for public transport in Sofia. Recent investigations reveal new information about the Thracian civilization in Bulgaria.

In the Know (April 2008)

Bulgaria moves forward with personal electronic identification tools. More and more foreigners want to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

In the Know (February 2008)

The Bulgarian government has decided to close the duty free shops and the petrol stations at the borders of Bulgaria with Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia.

In the Know (January 2008)

January means new "vinetki" for drivers who purchase on an annual basis. This year also marks the opening of the new national company register.