tram-18The high cost of fuel prices and a forthcoming increase in the electric rates are making their way through the transit system. The price of a single ticket for public transport in Sofia will increase to 1 lv from 1 July (1,10 lv if purchased on the bus.) The ten ticket talon will cost 7,5 lv. The fine for scofflaws without tickets will increase to 20 lv. The monthly card will cost 50 lv, a one day card 4 lv and a 5 day card will be 15 lv. The price of cards for students, orphans, pensioners and the disabled will remain unchanged.

A recent investigation of the Thracian Tomb in Kazanlak has revealed new information about the ancient culture. Professor Konstantin Boshnakov anounced that two inscriptions on the walls of the tomb, each about three meters above the floor, state: “Kodzimases painted” and “Roygos, Son of Sevt”. The name of the painter Kodzimases, previously unknown, is now the earliest autograph known in European monumental painting. Roygos, known previously only from coins minted in his era, was thought to be a minor ruler in southeastern Bulgaria. Now it is revealed that he was actually the son of Sevt III, founder of the ancient capital Sevtopolis.