Well, it isn’t every day that you see a smartly dressed black man advertising coffee in Bulgaria.

Afro Coffee: An Unexpectedly Delightful Campaign

I recently noticed OMV are promoting Afro Coffee in their Viva cafes. The campaign is smart and ubiquitous, if a little bit incongruous. The African population in Bulgaria is tiny, and I doubt Bulgarians connect with the Afro concept at all.

afro-coffee-logoI’ve never even seen a decent ‘fro in Sofia. But the artwork is cute and I love the on site merchandising!

Where did Afro Coffee Come From?

It turns out Afro Coffee started in Capetown in 2004, then expanded to their first European venue in Salzburg, Austria in 2007. That’s probably how they came to the attention of OMV, the Austrian petrol behemoth, and made their way to all of the OMV Bulgarian outlets.