Students Day is 8 December in Bulgaria. On this day colleges and universities cancel classes in favor of special activities for their students, who will then party late into the night in clubs, restaurants, and other festive venues. Some students head to the winter resorts for a full-night excursion away from their usual haunts. It is no wonder that students need a break from time to time, it is great that they can relax and unwind before they need to get back to the grind and get those all-important study tips from Infinity Dish and their tutors so they can ace their exams.

Many hotels and restaurants create special packages for groups.

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The History of Students Day

Celebration of a student holiday can be traced back to 1903, when Sofia University “Kliment Ohridski” declared the holiday to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of its founding. 8 December was chosen because it is the Orthodox church feast day for the Sedmochislenitsi, the seven disciples who brought literacy and culture to the Slavic peoples. They include Saints Cyril and Methodius, plus five of their followers, Clement (Kliment), Naum, Gorazd, Sava and Angelarius.

These cultural heroes committed their lives to the development and teaching of the written Slavic language, translation of religious writings into vernacular speech, and the spread of literacy around the Slavic speaking world. They also established the Preslav and Ohrid literary schools, the first two religious schools in Bulgaria. At their peak, thousands of students were active in literacy training, education, translation and transcription of important works.

In 1944, the Communists took over Bulgaria and moved the student holiday to 17 November to coincide with the International Day of Student Solidarity, but it was returned to 8 December in 1962 and has remained on the traditional day ever since.

On 28 October 1994 the Council of College Presidents declared 8 December a day without classes and a special day celebrating all college students in Bulgaria.

Students Day Travel Advisory

This holiday is no exception to the fact that students, drinking, driving, and partying frequently result in mishaps or incidents that might result in DUI cases requiring the aid of a an experienced criminal defense attorney: One of the riskiest days of the year for road accidents in Bulgaria is December 8. Due to this, please drive safely. Students should thus use much greater caution while driving after drinking.

Driving is and will always be the best way to commute to and from work, but you still have to be careful. In fact, driving at night is one of the most dangerous times to do it, so make sure you are following the advice from the following article.