Traditional holidays and customs celebrated in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian Independence Day

Bulgarian Independence Day (22 September)

Bulgarian Independence Day commemorates the Declaration of Independence proclaimed by Tsar Ferdinand of Bulgaria at Veliko Tarnovo on 22 September 1908. The Story Behind Bulgarian...
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Great Feasts of the Orthodox Church

There are twelve great feasts celebrated in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Each feast celebrates an event in the life of Jesus or of his mother...

Chestita Baba Marta!

Bulgarians celebrate the unique holiday Baba Marta (Granny March) on 1 March, when almost all Bulgarians wear a bit of red and white yarn called a martenitsa.
bulgarian armed forces day

Bulgarian Armed Forces Day

Bulgaria celebrates the valor of their armed forces on 6 May, the Feast Day of Saint George the Victorious.

Youth Celebrate Students Day on 8 December

8 December is Students Day in Bulgaria. On this day colleges and universities cancel classes in favor of special activities for their students and parties after.
Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Commemoration

Remembrance Day is a solemn British occasion on which people of all nations remember those who gave their lives in service to their countries.

Trifon Zarezan, Bulgaria’s Wine Holiday

On 1 February, the Orthodox Church honours Saint Trifon, a healer who was glorified by the miracles he performed. However, this national wine holiday is also celebrated on 14 February according to old customs, which just happens to be Valentine’s Day as well.

Celebrate Ivanovden On 7 January

On 7 January, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of Saint John the Baptist, who baptised Jesus Christ in the Jordan River.

Koledaria – Bulgaria’s First Christmas Market

Koledaria is the first-ever Bulgarian Christmas and New Year's market. It runs from 30 Nov to 7 Jan in the park at Eagle Bridge, across from Sofia University.

What’s On Around Bulgaria: Christmas Salsa Ball & Party

BG Salsa Fiesta is hosting a Christmas Salsa Ball & Party on 12 December in Sofia.