The small town of Koprivstitsa, nestled in the hills of the Sredna Gora east of Sofia, evokes a great sense of traditional Bulgarian culture and national pride. It is a living monument to the life, history and architecture of the National Revival period, and was named a national architectural preserve in 1978.

Intentionally and carefully restored and maintained, Koprivshtitsa retains the charm and feel of nineteenth century life, with high, thick walls, cobbled streets, and stone bridges crisscrossing the Topolnitsa river as it winds through the town. Houses are painted in vivid colors, reflecting the wealth and creative spirit of the people. There are over 380 restored houses and monuments, the largest collection anywhere in Bulgaria.

Koprivshtitsa is famous as the site of the first shot fired in the April uprising of 1876, a seminal event in the Bulgarian struggle for independence. The important roles played by citizens of the town are immortalized in six house museums that are furnished with detailed exhibits and open to the public.