Old photos and book illustrations from the era of King Ferdinand, mostly from Czar Ferdinand and His People, by John MacDonald (1913).

Photo captions:

  • Czar Ferdinand as Emperor of the Orient (missing from gallery)
  • Bulgarian peasant lads of Bazardjik, one of the scenes of the atrocities of 1876-7
  • Czar Ferdinand of Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian peasants dancing the horo dance
  • Czar Ferdinand in national costume
  • Peasants in Bulgaria in summer
  • A prosperous Bulgarian peasant woman of Tirnovo
  • Sofia: a view of the Boulevard Dondoukoff
  • Boris, Crown Prince of Bulgaria
  • General Savoff with Major-Colonel Burmoff
  • M. Stambuloff
  • Children of the Bulgarian Czar (Eudoxia, Cyril, Boris, and Nadezhda)
  • The Czar and Czaritsa of Bulgaria on their wedding day
  • Tirnovo, the ancient capital of Bulgaria
  • Old market stall in Sofia
  • New National Theatre, Sofia
  • Panorama of Varna, chief seaport of Bulgaria
  • The famous monastery of St. John of Rilo (sic.)
  • Bulgarian country girls and children
  • Prince Ferdinand and Kuropatkin during maneuvers at the Shipka Pass
  • Macedonian rebels during the Turkish period
  • H.M. the Queen of Bulgaria in the dress of a Red Cross sister
  • King of Bulgaria conferring with General Ivanoff on the field of Lulu Burgas
  • Bulgarians’ makeshift transport wagons
  • Adrianople: showing the Mosque of Sultan Selim (on the left) and the Old Mosque on the right

Other photos are included in the gallery.