Zoo Revue is an annual Bulgarian pet event held at the Plovdiv International Fair, on this year from 28-30 October. Organized in collaboration with the Plovdiv Kennel Club, it welcomes cats, dogs, birds and a variety of water and land creatures. Pet owners and other humans are also invited.

At Zoo Revue, trade visitors and the general public will find a selection of pet products, from the latest must-have accessories to food and specialized literature. Cat, canary and pigeon shows entertain the little ones.

Zoo Revue 2011 Competitions:

  • Cat Show
  • Canary Show
  • Pigeon Show

Main Exhibition Categories:

  • Aquaria
  • Terraria
  • Foods and Accessories for Dogs and Cats
  • Pet Products for Small Animals, Rodents
  • Birds
  • Specialized literature

Zoo Revue 2011 Information:

Plovdiv International Fair
37 Tzar Boris III
Obedinitel Blvd
4003 Plovdiv

(t) +359 (0)32 902 000
(f) +359 (0)32 902 432
(e) [email protected]