Important events in the life of Paisiy of Hilandar, a Bulgarian monk famous as the author of Slavonic-Bulgarian History and considered by many the most important forerunner of the Bulgarian National Revival.

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1722 Born in Bansko, Bulgaria, then part of the Ottoman Empire.
1745 Entered Hilandar Monastery on Mount Athos as a monk.
1761 Sent from the monastery to Austria to recover the effects of a fellow monk, Archimandrite Gerasim, who had died there.
1762 Upon return to Mount Athos, moves from Hilandar Monastery to Zograph Monastery.
1762 Completed his seminal work, The Slavonic-Bulgarian History.
1765 Visited the town of Kotel, in Bulgaria, where the young Sofroniy of Vratsa copied his book.
1773 Died at Ambelino (today part of Asenovgrad), Bulgaria

Paisiy of Hilandar article

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  1. […] After completing this work, he promoted it around Bulgaria.  Many monks and his followers continued to help him copy and distribute the book for Bulgarians.  The only surviving record of his travels describes his visit to Kotel in 1765, where the young priest Stoiko Vladislovov (later Bishop Sofroniy of Vratsa) copied his History.  Evidently after that he visited his birthplace, where another copy of the History was copied in 1771. He died in 1773, at Ambelino (today Asenovgrad), probably on his way back to Mount Athos. Timeline of the life of Paisiy of Hilandar […]