golden-rose-30-for-webThe 30th edition of the Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival will be held in Varna from 7-13 October 2011. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Golden Rose Festival in 1961 and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the National Film Centre.

The Golden Rose National Film Festival is the most important annual event for the film industry in Bulgaria.

The festival programme includes two competitive tracks, for feature length and short films. All of the films that have made it to the Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival will deserve to be there. All of the hard work that has gone into creating a film in its entirety and this may include sequencing adverts at the beginning (through the help of this DCP builder) to get it looking as professional as possible will have all been worth it. To be at this festival could be the highlight of the year for some people.

Feature Films Competition

Twelve titles will compete in the feature film category, and eighteen in the short film section. The line-up includes films such as “Ave” (???) by Konstantin Bojanov, “The Island” (????????) by Kamen Kalev, and “Sneakers” (??????) by Valeri Yordanov and Ivan Vladimirov, which have won international acclaim at prestigious festivals in Cannes, Moscow, Karlovy Vary and Sarajevo already this year, and will be presented in Varna for their official Bulgarian premieres. Two additional films that have already thrilled Bulgarian audiences, “” by Ilian Dzhivelekov and “Laura from Morning till Night” by Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho, are also included in the program. If these films pique your interest, you may want to see if you are able to watch them online, if not, you could check out something like the best torrenting sites to get them on so you do not miss out.

Short Films Competition

The competition for short films will include 18 titles, divided into three blocks. Among the short films are works including “Second Cut” (????? ?????) directed by Nadezhda Koseva, with honors from the Sarajevo Film Festival, “Trains” (??????? ) by Pavel Vesnakov, winner of the Jameson Prize at the 15th Sofia Film Fest, and “The Letter” (Pismoto) by Dorothea Drumeva, which won the award for best student film at Cannes this year.

Jury and Awards

The jury, consisting of Professor Boyan Biolchev (novelist and screenwriter), Svetla Ganeva (theatre operator), Ernestina Shinova (actress), Boyko Stankushev (journalist) and Stefan Komandarev (film director), will award the following prizes:

  • The “Golden Rose” for Best Feature Film
  • The “Golden Rose” for Best Short Film
  • Special Prize of Varna
  • Award for Best Director
  • Award for Best Screenplay
  • Award for Best Cinematography
  • Award for Best Actress
  • Award for Best Actor
  • Award for Directorial Debut
  • Two Diplomas for Specific Individual Achievements

Special Activities of the Festival

Beyond the competitive programme, the festival will present three international co-productions with Bulgarian participation: “Mothers” (?????), by Milcho Manchevski, “There Was No Better Brother” (? ?????? ??-????? ???? ), by Azerbaijani filmmaker Murad Ibrahimbekov, and “The Rules of Single Life” (????????? ?? ????????? ????? ) by Tonislav Hristov, who lives and works in Finland.

Because of the dual anniversaries, the 30th edition of the Golden Rose Festival and in turn the 50th anniversary of the first festival in 1961, a special retrospective of award winning films will be offered in Hall 1 of the of the Festival and Congress Center. Admission to the restrospective, as well as to the opening and closing ceremonies, is free of charge.

Festival Organizers

The festival is organized by the National Film Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, the Varna Municipality, the Varna Festival and Congress Centre, and Artin Vision, in partnership with Bulgarian National Television and the National Film Archive.


The Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival (in Bulgarian)

Varna Festival and Congress Center
2, Slivnitsa Blvd.
Varna 9000

(e) [email protected]

Complete List of Participating Films

Feature Length Films:
Ave (???) Konstantin Bozhanov
Baklava (???????) Alexo Petrov
Sneakers (??????) Ivan Vladimirov and Valeri Yordanov
Tough Old Men (?????? ????????) Plamen Maslarov and Ivaylo Penchev
Laura From Morning Till Night (???? ?? ?????? ?? ?????) Dimitar Kotsev-shosho
Small-Big (?????-?????) Yasen Grigorov
Operation Shmenti Kapeli (???????? „?????? ??????”) Vladi Vargala
The Island (????????) Kamen Kalev
Candlelight (??????? ????????) Georgi Tenev
Fish Cry Freedom (?????????? ??? ?? ??????) Wilma Kiener (LOVE.NET) Ilian Djevelekov
Number 1 (N?. 1) Atanas Hristoskov

Short films:
The Bouquet (???????), Katya Trichkova, 21 min
Victor (??????), Georgi Groshkov, 7 min
Trains (???????), Pavel Vesnakov, 17 min
Take Two (????? ?????), Nadezhda Koseva, 27 min
The Pillow (?????????????),Anna Kitanova, 12 min
Demons (??????), Alexander Etimov, 5 min
The Good Neighbor (??????? ?????), Ivan Mitov, 15 min
Hall Number 4 (???? ? 4), Dimitar Dimitrov, 16 min
Pawn Shop (??????? ????), Neshka Karajinska, 9 min
History with Cake (??????? ? ?????), Milko Yovchev, 12 min
Where’s My Head? (???? ?? ? ???????), Nenko Genov, 7 min
My Tired Father (???? ?????? ????), Maya Bitkova, 14 min
The Unknown (???????????), Emil Denev, 16 min
The Letter (???????), Dorothea Drumeva, 30 min
Seven Days in Paradise (????? D?? ? ???), Tanya Bogomilova, 30 min
The Third (???????), Slav Lambrinov, 12 min
The Service (????????), Boris Nikolov, 33 min
Shopping (??????), Dimitar Kotsev-Shosho, 7 min

International Co-productions:
Mothers (?????), Milcho Manchevski
There Was No Better Brother (? ?????? ??-????? ????), Murad Ibrahimbekov
Rules of the Single Life (????????? ?? ????????? ?????), Tonislav Hristov