emmental-briocheWhat do you think of when you hear the words “start the day off right?” For me, a leisurely stroll, a place to sit, a fresh croissant and a hot drink are all ingredients of the perfect morning. Sofi French Bakery offers all of these and more for people starting their day in downtown Sofia. If this bakery was looking to expand its customer base it might be worth analyzing their online presence to see where this could be improved, maybe even with the help of local SEO services.

Sofi isn’t a big place. It seats only 10 people, so it is guaranteed to be fairly quiet. It is the perfect establishment for developing a regular routine. Anyone looking to find some inspiration before starting their own venture like this into the business world could do worse than read some Inspirational Business Quotes.

The help are friendly and efficient, always eager to please. After just a couple of visits they knew our likes and dislikes, our requirements and preferences. My wife usually has a cappuccino and a small pastry, a mini croissant or two. They make a variety fresh each day. She also gets a cup of plain hot water. The staff recognized pretty quickly that the hot water is a habit, and now automatically fix it for her when we order. That shows great attention to detail in my eyes. My wife and I also happened to get onto the topic of public liability insurance by constructaquote after thinking about how perfect it would be for a place like this. I certainly wouldn’t want to risk operating a bakery without it.

I often take tea, since they have my favorite Darjeeling as one of the eight or ten different blends on offer, coupled with a fresh sandwich or quiche and fruit torte to follow. There are always a selection of different sandwiches and a couple of different quiches to choose from. My favorite sandwich is the mini baguette of brie and greens. They also fill sandwiches with goat cheese, ham, and tomatoes, as well as other ingredients.

For dessert I always have one of their fruit tortes. There are never fewer than six different types in the case, and all of them look delicious. Choosing just one is the hardest part of the meal. I especially like the blueberry torte, but can easily substitute raspberry, strawberry or apple. Surely one of life’s small pleasures is knowing that you can have a different tasty treat each day of the week!

Perhaps the very best of all is the savory emmental cheese brioche which my son can eat by the bagful. They don’t have them every day, but do more often than not. The brioche is well worth having, but do be careful, they seem to be addictive.

The bakery also offers nice breads for purchase by the loaf, so you can enjoy the taste of Sofi with your meals throughout the day.

Next time you are in the center stop by for your morning coffee and croissant at Sofi. Don’t tell too many people, though, or soon we’ll be competing for seats.


Sofi French Bakery
161 Rakovski Boulevard
1000 Sofia

(t) +359 (0)895 44 66 08