lost-bulgaria-page-for-webLost Bulgaria ( is a virtual photo album of people, places, events and scenes around the country. Most of the pictures are old. A handy counter at the top says there are over 3200 images in the database so far, so there is plenty to capture the interest or imagination of anyone who wants to learn more about Bulgaria.

traditional-life-for-webThe website is a project of Peyo Kolev, who writes that he created it “because people forget.” He laments what people do not remember, or perhaps never even learned about the proud history of Bulgaria and its wonderful people. So he created this site to remind us of these things that came before.

The database is accessible through quick sort buttons for the 19th century and then by decade from 1900 to the present. There are also navigation buttons for special topics including events, places, life and culture, the military, famous faces and sports.

wedding-photo-for-webMany photos offering a glimpse into the past around different parts of Bulgaria. These are useful for showing development of towns and cities, and for recalling how things used to be. My favorite part of the site is the section called Top Photos. It is an eclectic grouping of interesting and often unique shots that really capture great moments in history, whether for the event, person or place.

Some collections capture unique and significant moments in multiple views. One series captures scenes of Sofia during construction of the Esplanade in downtown Sofia. The party building, the Hotel Balkan (today Sheraton) and TSUM are all shown in various states of completion. Other series capture significant events in the lives of families, individuals and society.

This site is a valuable project for preserving and sharing the history of Bulgaria, a virtual treasure trove of visual imagery for our communal memory.


All images courtesy of Lost Bulgaria