happy-golden-picture-windowReviewed by Catherine Faber

A few years ago Sofia was littered with small, low quality, cheap Chinese restaurants. Then for a time other eating options expanded, and the greasy Chinese places disappeared except for random red lamp remnants reminding us of our desperate days. Now there is a new era: that of the Chinese Restaurant Happy Golden. Located at the intersection of Blvds. Evlogi Georgiev and Cherni Vrah, the words ridiculously wonderful come to mind when thinking of this place.

It is large, two stories, with spacious tables as well as a small take out area. The windows let in daylight and the décor reinforces the sense of openness. The menu is large with many types of dishes with noodles, rice, chicken, pork, beef and even omelets! I ate the tofu in chili sauce, and if there were a Bulgaria’s finest tofu award given by a league of Bulgarian vegetarians, then this restaurant would be nominated.

Quick friendly service, steaming delicious food, large portions, the 20 lev total bill for a three person meal; all recommend this recently opened, soon-to-be-a-hit Chinese restaurant to you and your family, your dinner party, or your love for what I promise will not be a disappointing meal.

Chinese Restaurant Happy Golden
at the corner of
Blvds. Evlogiy Georgiev and Cherni Vrah
in the underpass.

Eat in or take away

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