barrels-480x360Vino Bar Trovatore’s December suggestion for a dry red wine – Lin 53

lin53-120x400A History of Lin 53
In order to create this unique wine, the winemakers at Lovico Suhindol carefully selected mature grapes from their vineyards. When harvest time arrived, they blended 35 lina (Bulgarian for cuves or vats) of cabernet sauvignon, 11 of merlot, four of rubin and three of gamza (rubin and gamza are both local grape varieties). The finished assemblage of 53 cuves they left to age in American oak barrels, after which it was bottled.

In Bulgaria, the lin is the oldest type of wine vessel still in use; it is where the grapes release their juice, which eventually ferments and becomes what we know as wine. The amount of wine from the 2006 harvest at Lovico Suhindol equalled 53 lina, hence the name Lin 53.

Price: 34 leva per bottle, at Trovatore Vino Bar
Place of Production: Suhindol, Bulgaria

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