Amigos, one of the few Mexican restaurants in Bulgaria, recently opened its doors at 12 Kurnigradska Str in Sofia.

I myself have never been to Mexico, but have been to a lot of Mexican restaurants in many countries, and can say that the food at Amigos is without doubt some of the best I have tasted.

The restaurant’s interior is done in a Tex-Mex style; however, if you removed the tablecloths and folclorico-inspired wall hangings, you would be in a typical Bulgarian eatery. The décor is cosy if not a little dark, and, something rare for the country, there is a true non-smoking section. A wide-screen TV hangs on one wall, which was playing American football at the time of our visit. The walls themselves are bare stone painted in black and white, with exposed wooden beams nailed here and there. There are posters for Mexican beer and other themed subjects.

In the male bathroom there is a particularly amusing poster featuring tequila, which proclaims: “One tequila… two tequila… three tequila… four TEKILLYA”.

The clientèle are predominantly Americans, which suggests that something is right with the food, because if anyone other than Mexicans appreciates Mexican food, it has to be Americans. Staff are friendly, and vocal, making suggestions from the menu.

There are free tortilla chips and salsa once you have ordered your drink; these were homemade and very tasty. The food order was quickly taken and the items arrived in a short time. For a starter, we chose chicken wings and nachos with cheese. The chicken wings are the best I have tasted and are available in 5 pieces, 10 pieces or bigger servings. The nachos, again, were with homemade tortilla chips, the cheese was melted to the right consistency and the refried beans were very authentic.

Our main course was a half-rack of ribs, which were without doubt the finest in Bulgaria and come highly recommended. The other main course we chose this time was burritos (very delicious); on a previous visit it had been chimichangas.

The menu includes a range of burgers, Angus beef, rib-eye steaks and salads (taco, Caesar, etc), along with some fish and desserts.

The drinks menu includes the Mexican beer Corona, as well as a range of other beers, both bottled and draught. Wine is available, as is rakiya. As expected, there is tequila of all grades to suit the pocket. Other drinks include Margaritas, sangrias and whiskeys.

The bill was delivered in a comical fashion, clipped to a wooden ‘six shooter’, adding to the hospitable feel of the place. Prices are reasonable, with a meal for two, including beer, totalling a little less than 60 leva.

All in all, Amigos (“friends”, in Spanish) gets a huge thumbs-up, and if you are craving Mexican food or have not yet tried it, then I suggest you visit this restaurant at the earliest opportunity. As a foot note, it may be prudent to book in advance, particularly on the weekend, as there are not a lot of tables.

Telephone: 02/ 981 13 53