The Bulgaria National Bank announced a new issue of the 20 leva banknote, the most commonly used bill in Bulgarian society.  Changes include a new fluorescent image, slight alterations to the watermark, and an updated signature to reflect the current governor of the BNB.  The new banknote enters circulation on November 12 and will be used concurrently with the previous note.  Look for it in your change soon!

kremikovtsi-map-tnThe chief architect of Sofia, Peter Dikov, unveiled new details of the city master plan calling for a major expansion northward towards the regions of Kremikovtsi and Novi Iskar.  The plan calls for construction of recreational waterparks to serve the public in these neighborhoods.

AISA Disaster and the municipality of Sofia have joined forces to develop a world-class skatepark to replace the former park that had grown up around the Monument to the Soviet Army in the city center.  Enthusiasts can keep up with their progress at the Team Disaster website.