sofia-metro-platform-360x270The Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Sergey Stanishev, and the Mayor of Sofia, Boyko Borisov, announced the symbolic start of building works on a new subway/metro extension connecting the Mladost to the Sofia Airport. The three year plan includes construction of a large car park at the Tsarigrasdsko Shose.

Officials shared a trial run on the brand new subway line between Sofia University and Mladost. The line is expected to begin regular service from May of this year. The last segment of the new line, extending from Sofia University to Sveta Nedeliya Square is expected to be ready in October 2009.

There are also works continuing on the building of the line between Obelya and the Central Railway Station. This will cause some disruption to the tram system in Sofia during the summer of this year. Tram lines 2 and 15 will be canceled for the duration of the project. Tram lines No 1, 6, 7, 12 are changing their routes to evade the section between Nadezhda junction and the Central Railway Station.

Check out the map below to see the general plan of the Sofia Metro.