The Earth and Man Museum in Sofia hosts the Spring Mineral and Gem Fair from April 7-12, 10 AM to 7 PM. Admission is free.

Do you love food? Enjoy the culinary festival “A Smorgasbord… in My Town 2009” in various Bulgarian towns and villages from April 25 to July 25. The festival is designed to unite lovers of Bulgarian culture, traditions and the culinary arts. It aims to preserve culinary heritage and develop Bulgarian cuisine. The festival opens in Pasardjik on April 25th.

The Magura Cave has unveiled its own photo exhibition with pictures of prehistoric paintings from walls deep inside the cave. Visitors can now see many of the drawings that have been inaccessible or hard to reach for regular visitors. Cave paintings depict dancing female figures, hunting men, an assortment of animals and masked people. You can learn more about Magura Cave here.