Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Word Clouds

Word Clouds
Artistic clouds made up of words from documents and other sources arranged in interesting, beautiful and sometimes amusing ways.

Bulgarian Unification Day Remembered 2011

A word cloud of the speech by Ms Tsetska Tsacheva, President of the Bulgarian National Assembly, for the 126th anniversary of the Unification of Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Vision for NATO

A speech by Mr. Anu Anguelov, Bulgarian Minister of Defence, at the spring session NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Varna on 29 May 2011. Full text follows.

UK Ambassador Farewell Remarks (word cloud)

Outgoing British Ambassador Steve Williams shared some personal reflections in his farewell remarks to the Atlantic Club on 14 March.

EU Accession Treaty (word cloud)

Here is a wordle word cloud representation of the Bulgaria EU Accession Treaty of 2005.

Treaty of San Stefano (word cloud)

The Treaty of San Stefano marked the end of the Russo-Turkish War. Bulgarians celebrate 3 March as their liberation day from 500 years of Ottoman oppression.

Japan and the EU: Valuable Partnership for the Future

Word cloud of a speech by H.E. Takekazu Kawamura, Ambassador of Japan to the European Union, delivered at the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria on 12 June 2008.