hummus-480x360Sofia has many hidden treasures in the windy streets of the centre, and one particular yummy dining destination is Dream House, a vegetarian restaurant located where Graf Ignatiev turns to Visosha Boulevard. After spotting the sign, enter the building and go to the second floor, where the easy-listening music and a bohemian atmosphere encourage you to relax and enjoy a slightly exotic meal.

The menu is full of references to homemade and organic food, and the restaurant is connected to an organic farm outside of the city. If anyone holds the view that meals are incomplete without meat, the inventive dishes offered refute it. Ranging from vegetarian sushi to organic buckwheat with vegetables, anyone’s interest can be piqued.

chocolate-mousse-480x360The cold starters of hummus and guacamole that came with a nutty brown bread were an excellent start, and to have my almond-coconut curry arrive steaming was a pleasant surprise in light of the Bulgarian custom to wait until food had cooled to serve it. The cost of the meal, not even 40 leva for two people including dessert, did not match the high quality of the food and the large portions. My respect goes out to the chef who attempted a chocolate mousse based on avocado, which I recommend for those interested in a true taste-bud adventure.

Though slightly hard to find, Dream House is a great destination for a light lunch or a casual dinner. The small tables could be arranged to fit larger parties, but there was no children’s menu and the focus on vegetables like mushrooms, and protein in tofu, may not be friendly for every family. In any case, expect to encounter something fun and new from your visit.

Reviewed by Catherine Faber

50a Alabin Str, Sofia
Tel: 02/ 980 81 63
Open: Every day