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Information about life esentials for living in or visiting Bulgaria.

Sandfest 2012

The 5th annual Sandfest sand sculpture festival is on now through 15 September at the Ezeroto Park in Burgas.

What’s On Around Bulgaria: MICE Forum Bulgaria 2009

MICE Forum Bulgaria 2009 is aimed at organisers of events or trades that serve the events industry.

Grozd Restaurant

Grozd Restaurant combines old world elegance with quiet modern competence to create a comfortable air of self indulgence without the stuffiness that sometimes comes along with opulence.

Lost Bulgaria Photo Gallery

Lost Bulgaria is a virtual photo album of people, places, events and scenes around the country, with plenty to capture the interest or imagination of anyone who wants to learn more about Bulgaria.

Flower Pots for REALLY BIG gardens!

We ran into a giant flowerpot on the street outside Sveti Nedelya Church in Sofia. Turns out to be an ad for the new IKEA store on the Ring road outside of town.

What’s On Around Bulgaria: The IWC Annual Charity Bazaar

The International Women’s Club of Sofia is hosting its 15th Annual Charity Bazaar at Inter Expo Center Sofia on Sunday, 6 December 2009.
burgas sandfest 2017

Burgas Sandfest 2017

Explore Burgas Sandfest 2017 from 30 June through 30 September at the Lake Park in Burgas. Now in its 10th year, this popular international...

GO Pasta

GO Pasta is an idea that sprang from the owner’s desire to create high quality fast food. They pride themselves on making authentic Italian pasta and delivering it in fast and convenient fashion

Treaty of San Stefano (word cloud)

The Treaty of San Stefano marked the end of the Russo-Turkish War. Bulgarians celebrate 3 March as their liberation day from 500 years of Ottoman oppression.

Japan and the EU: Valuable Partnership for the Future

Word cloud of a speech by H.E. Takekazu Kawamura, Ambassador of Japan to the European Union, delivered at the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria on 12 June 2008.